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Wedding Planners | 10/23/2020

By Lucía Ramírez

Besides being a wedding planner, I am also a teacher. I wonder why the first question most of my students have for me is: “How and why did you become a wedding planner?” Their curiosity resides mostly in the fact that Wedding Planning was not actually a career per se back when I started... It always amuses me when I answer: “Well, I started my career as a wedding planner because of philanthropy”. The looks on their puzzled faces always make me smile.

How can being selfless and working for free (which is what philanthropy is all about) can make you successful, own a company and make money!? Let me tell you my story:
Everybody calls me Luchy. If the above question made you wonder how Eventos E3 (that’s my company) came to be, keep on reading. I started at a venue called Ex Convento de Regina which is in the Historic Center of Mexico City. I am going to tell you why this particular venue involves philanthropy and what made Eventos E3 come to life.

For all of you that have not heard of Ex Convento de Regina it’s important that you know that the upstairs is a Foundation that takes care of elderly people. When I say elderly, I really mean it, all the guests at this Foundation are people way over their 70's and most of them are in wheelchairs and need 24-hour nurse assistance. My family has been involved in that Foundation for as long as I can remember, my grandfather took the "treasury position” (which was funny since the Foundation had no money at all haha) and from then on, my family became involved in this charitable activity. Years passed and when my grandfather had to leave his spot, my mother took charge.

So, back to my story, around 2004 they received a big donation from an important Mexican Company. It was a "targeted donation", this means you cannot use the money for anything but what is specified on the project. It stated that the money was to be used in rebuilding all the upstairs area so they could accommodate and serve more elderly people. Anyway, it is amazing how people with little money make miracles to make ends meet, same happened here! There was enough money left to also restore ALL the patios from the downstairs areas. And this is what formally started the events in my life.

When the whole money from the donation was applied and the patios were fully restored, I was in college and was taking classes only in the afternoon. One day my mom came up to me and suggested, since I was doing practically nothing in the mornings, to go with her and help in the Foundation. It started as an activity to fill my empty time but as you can imagine, I ended up going there for the last two years of my college education and I ended up loving it to be honest.

My degree was international commerce, nothing related to event planning or weddings. Being at Ex Convento de Regina every day, belonging to a venue that had to be rented out as a fundraising activity in order to help others and more specifically to help elderly people (whom we have come to value their existence a lot in this quarantine) filled my heart and my soul. It changed my way of looking at things and it transformed my career.
That is basically how I started being a wedding planner. I was in charge of the venue for three years. I believe it was a key to my company's success, we have been on the market for 10 years now! The Ex Convento de Regina has no exclusivity and anyone can work there as long as they cover the rent fee. Beginning my career by managing a venue makes me stand up from other planners because I met all kinds of vendors, good and bad. I learned the timings for everyone and educated myself to respect the work and expertise of every vendor.

Amazingly, none of this story would have happened if I hadn't been open to my mother's suggestion of helping others less fortunate than me. Imagine that, do you agree that philanthropy can lead you to find your true passion?

Lucía Ramírez Lombana (Luchy)
Wedding Planner & Designer Eventos E3
Mexico City
Página web: www.eventose3.com
Email: info@eventose3.com
FB: www.facebook.com/EventosE3
IG: www.instagram.com/eventose3
Twitter: www.twitter.com/eventose3


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