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Talking about weddings is talking about Love


Destination Weddings | 09/02/2020

Talking about weddings is talking about Love and that’s why I chose this wonderful Love Story. Faby & Arturo I
will never forget the moment when they chose me as their wedding planner and believe me, I felt flattered
because they had great options. I was delighted to accept; it was with great affection. I knew it would be a
Spectacular Wedding because she dreamed about it since she was little, but oh, surprise! "It wasn’t a
spectacular Wedding" but 5, exactly OMG!

The civil wedding was in an incredible sunset in front of the Caribbean Sea, with the most wonderful sunset I
have ever seen with the wedding colors in pastel tones like the rainbow, thus being a so romantic and
unforgettable wedding. The Spiritual location in the middle of the Mayan jungle in a sacred cenote with a Mayan
priestess doing an ancestral wedding joining the 4 four elements Fire, Water, Air and Earth joining their souls
forever, and of course there was an incredibly hand embroidered dress in traditional silk of the Mayan culture
and the groom and guests all in white, thus uniting the Bride and Groom with the Nature of Mother Earth.
Ahh! But you will wonder which one is next ... Before the Traditional Wedding, the Fun, Fantasy and especially
glamorous Wedding could not be missed, obviously Las Vegas, but before the most romantic dress I have seen
from a great Designer, of course it was a very ceremony cute and fun that accompanied by great friends and
family with a wonderful evening in an exclusive hotel where there were dinners, breakfasts and great
unforgettable moments and many shows.

And the great Day arrived, the traditional Spectacular Wedding with 250 guests, the colometry going from pink
to lilac, an incredible shine and the selection of flowers from the same range of colors. The good taste could be
seen accompanied by a select menu of the best award-winning chefs in Mexico. The simply beautiful venue, the
JW Marriot in Cancun, we could see the couple in their first dance full of love, smiling, the happiest of the night.
Those weddings where you feel love in the air at every moment and detail, the bride with a spectacular dress of
a unique design made her look radiant and the groom with a tailored suit, with details of her embroidered
initials, initials of the bride and groom for life; seeing the guests feel the love of the bride and groom and sharing
an unforgettable night with them is one of the moments that only a loving couple could transmit.
And if you thought that the love story ended there, let me tell you no, number 5 and the most important was in
a country where love cannot be demonstrated in public, yes, we are talking about Dubai, love in this couple has
no borders, they created a great dream moment, where one of the best Mexican photographers was able to
capture the love that they disassembled in public, they almost took their camera away but as they say, love
flows everywhere in the world and wherever they are.

Today I can continue to say that they are a couple that never ceases to amaze me why each year they
celebrate their anniversaries, with so much love that I can faithfully believe that love exists and that the
weddings they performed are full of it. Long live love for life!

WP Wilma Erosa | Destination Wedding Specialist



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