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10 Tips for a Perfect Planning


Wedding Planners | 08/07/2018

A wedding is an unforgettable ceremony in a person's life, especially for women. The logistics of this event are much more complex than a common party.

Here are some tips for perfect planning:

1. Let the location be part of your staging and establish a theme for the wedding.

2. Take into account the time of year to select a location.

3. The location must fit with the personality of the couple.

4. The idea is to make the event shine. For example, use a large room where the lighting can give a dramatic touch, or a garden where you can use natural lighting to set the scene.

5. From the entrance, people should feel excited for what they will see inside the room or venue. Use a dramatic floral arrangement or special lighting for the entry.

6. Once the theme of the wedding is established, use your creativity to incorporate the elements you have: Poles, tents, columns, etc.

7. Decorate from top to bottom. We are very accustomed to the arrangements being set from the bottom up. Do something with the ceiling like hanging fabrics, decorating your venue with lamps, and dramatizing the details.

8. Select a theme: This is one of the main points to giving a personal feel to the event. The theme can be anything - the couple’s hobby, a type of flower, a color or even the location of the wedding. The idea is to use the theme and in all the details. In some ways this will establish the type of wedding, the reception schedule, and the date in some cases.

9. Do not minimize on the details: However small they are the details will make the wedding unique. They can be seen in a small ribbon of color for the napkins, a flower for each woman, and many other ideas.

10. Take your time to plan where the guests will be seated, the logistics of the room, where the couple will be seated, how many people will be at each table. These are the details that can make your wedding flow smoothly or not.

Written by: Camelú Millán
Special Collaboration: Diseño Nupcial
Professional Consultant of Weddings and Social Events
5442-51-54 // 044 5554043291


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