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Microweddings: Wedding Trends 2021


Wedding Trends | 07/24/2020

By Lucía Ramírez

In a Conference talk, an American exhibitor was exemplifying something (I don't remember what exactly) and said, "At a BIG 100-person wedding..." When I heard it, I laughed inside: "Is a ONE HUNDRED people wedding considered big? Never in the Latin market!" I didn’t imagine that I would radically change my way of thinking, as the saying goes: "Never say never" because now the biggest trend that comes for 2021 are the Microweddings.

Let me share with you the main features in this type of celebrations:
1. Small
The couple will want to connect with their guests. A wedding within this trend will not pass from 50 guests.

2. Eco-friendly
Microweddings will be mostly environmentally friendly. They will seek to have centerpieces that guests can take home, the stationery will be replaced by its digital version and menu with organic ingredients will be chosen. These weddings will happen during the day to lessen the light-generating impact. Everything, even the ceremony, will be concentrated in one single venue.

3. Affordable
Planning a wedding with fewer guests will certainly help the couple's pocket. Likewise, they will be people with priorities focused on enjoying time with their friends and family rather than investing enormous amounts of money.

4. Less stressful
They will be significantly less stressful to plan, because the details can be decided more easily. The couple will not be obliged to anyone and will not have to comply with commitment invitations.

5. Casual
A relaxed atmosphere will be mandatory for a microwedding. The dress code will confer a casual and comfortable approach. The atmosphere will certainly have a fun and unpretentious touch.

6. Philanthropic
As a result of surviving a pandemic, couples will choose to make donations rather than receive gifts for themselves.
In short, they will be like a condensed version of what most of us consider a traditional wedding with its slight changes. Because of the above points they will become one of the strongest trends for next year. I've already planned my first microwedding. What about you? Have you already joined this trend?

Lucía Ramírez Lombana (Luchy) / Wedding Planner & Designer Eventos E3 Mexico City

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