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4 Key Elements for Creating a Powerful Brand


Marketing | 04/01/2019

You are working so hard in your travel or destination wedding business—doing what you do best—that you’re most likely not seeing the role that your brand plays in your success. And, when I say “brand,” I’m not just talking logos here. I mean how you make people feel, the experience people have when they work with you or buy your product and the image you project when you put yourself, and your business, out into the world.

Your brand is the foundation for how your business does everything! And a strong brand is essential to every business, not just the Coca-Colas and Walmart’s of the world.

To help you get a head start on 2019 I have outlined my top 4 key elements for creating a powerful brand that will help you connect with the right audience.

1. Client Experience
The world is changing quickly, and the competition in your field is fierce. In order to stand out in a saturated market, you will have to get creative with what you offer and how you position yourself; because it takes so much more than just having a great idea or being amazing at what you do to be successful.
What I’ve seen is that the client experience will be a dominating factor in business. But what does that mean exactly?
It means that how you provide your services or product is just as what it is that you are selling.
Create an emotional connection with your potential clients by thinking about how you want your clients to feel, think and respond to what you do or sell.

2. Brand Foundation
You can’t build a house without a foundation, without the foundation the house would crumble. But you don’t see the foundation – it’s not pretty like your kitchen. So how can you design a logo for your business without first building the foundation?
Before you invest in design you need to get crystal clear on your brand foundation, something all of our clients do through Brand Camp. Once you are able to articulate who you are, who your target audience is, what makes you different, the benefits you offer, your brand position and essence, you can then create a memorable brand that attracts the right clients.

3. Photography
People are quick to judge. If your headshot makes you look unapproachable or unprofessional, it is costing you money. Hiring a professional photographer for a headshot is a small expense in the grand scheme of things and goes a long way in terms of making the right impression.
People can tell if your website is full of stock photography. You need to give them a glimpse inside your world and show your personality so your clients can picture themselves working with you. Many photographers are now offering branding photography sessions for small businesses.

4. Visual Brand
Once you’ve gotten clear on the foundation of your brand, it then needs to be brought to life visually. This includes everything from your colour palette, logo, social media graphics, website brand guidelines and anything else you need for your business. Your foundation won’t mean anything unless you can express it to world through powerful design.

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By Laura Beauparlant, Lab Creative


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