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Presidents Message | 11/19/2018

They say that time flies when you are having fun, so I hope that each of you feel as I do (you are enjoying your work), and cannot believe that it is already the middle of November. Before we know it, Christmas and New Years will be behind us and we will diligently be carving out a successful 2019. After all, wave season and engagement season can make the difference between an extremely profitable and successful 2019 rather than just another ‘okay’ year.

Before you start to think about the future, this is the best time to reflect back on 2018, identify what worked well for your business, and what did not. Were you working harder and earning less? What were the results of your marketing programs? During this year did you find yourself working until late most evenings? Were your strategic partnerships worthwhile? These are just a few of the many questions you can reflect on in order to better decide your business plan for 2019.

BUSINESS PLAN??? Yes, business plan. Being a solo-entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you should set aside all things corporate, and after all, if you don’t have a plan, can you really have expectations? Are you goal oriented? Did you set goals for 2018? If you did set goals, did you meet or exceed them? Did you set calendar reminders to review your progress during the year? So many questions, so little time! After all, as a solo-entrepreneur you are the salesperson, marketing manager, accountant, secretary, social media guru, and more. And if you specialize in destination weddings you can add pseudo-mother of the bride, best friend and psychologist to your other responsibilities.
So, what is a business plan? A business plan is a formal written document that contains your business goals, the methods on how you can achieve these goals, and the timeframe that these goals need to be achieved within. A good business plan should be:
1. Short and concise (not more than one page)
2. A tool to manage and grow your business
3. Include marketing, sales, operations, and financial goals
If you have never written a business plan for your business, why not make 2019 your first year to have one, and use it as a guideline for your achievements by reviewing it every few weeks, making sure that you are staying on course and reaching your goals, it is easy to make adjustments when you don’t lose sight of your plans.
“Good intentions might sound nice, but it is positive actions that matter” – Tim Fargo
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin

By Ed Cotton
IADWP President


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