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Top 10 Reasons to Attend Love Mexico and Beyond 2018 - By Will Medina


Destination Weddings | 10/10/2018

As an active member of the industry, agents (both new and experienced) always ask me if I find value in attending this conference. Actually, the most common question I get is: Should I attend LoveMexico if I don’t specialize in destination weddings?

My answer has always been: “Yes, Yes and Yes! In fact, every year, I clear up my calendar the first two weeks of December, so I can attend this conference, so yes, it is completely worth it regardless of what niche you specialize in”.

It was 4 years ago when I found out about LoveMexico, an annual conference for Wedding Planners and Travel Agents specializing in All Inclusive, Romance and Destination Weddings, it is held in Mexico, the first week of December.

My first year it was held at the Moon Palace Cancun and I remember arriving to the convention center and being immediately blown away by the wedding collections that were displayed at the entrance. See, I was already planning destination weddings and had attended other romance related FAMs (these were typically resort brand specific) but nothing prepared me for what I was about to experience and needless to say that I have attended every LoveMexico since.

Today, I want to expand that answer a little more and tell you why you should not miss #LoveMexicoX2018:

1. We are celebrating its 10th anniversary: This is no small accomplishment in the events and hospitality industry for One company to have hosted this fabulous event, uninterrupted for 10 consecutive years and may I say, with a huge rate of returning attendees.

2. Location - duh!- Hotel Xcaret! This resort opened several months ago and although I have been to Mexico at least 4 times since its opening I have reserved the pleasure to experience it with the magic touch of the Love Mexico & Beyond Conference. I have attended some amazing industry events but trust me on this one, nobody does it like the team at LM. There is something about what this organization does that allows them to showcase the resorts and destinations in ways that the tourism board or hotel brands themselves don’t invest when they are the host. Every single year, the resorts and destinations go all out so I am excited to see and experience Xcaret, the LM way!

3. Networking with your peers: When you have over 600 attendees in a room, you are bound to learn a ton, whether it is from the speakers, other travel agents or wedding planners. My advice is to go with an open mind and truly connect with other professionals. With so many people and a busy schedule, remember: Quality over quantity. I’ve met some pretty fantastic colleagues over the past few years that I now cherish and get to call friends.

4. Networking with the top vendors and hotel brands: See, when you are planning any type of group (especially destination weddings) you need great partners, right? Whether these are the inside wedding team at select resorts, the top executives at your favorite Tour Operator or the local DMC, Make-up Artist or the top photographers in town, and Love Mexico & Beyond brings them all under one roof for you. For me, a few years ago, I had never been exposed to Classic Vacations, it took 1 personal meeting at LM and they are now one of my top Tour Operators for my group business.

5. Location: Riviera Maya! Riviera Maya does not need much of an introduction, does it? But in case you are new, as an experienced destination weddings specialist I can assure you it is my top selling destination. The stunning beaches and the airlift make it extremely appealing and affordable for most groups, hundreds of excursions and attractions in the area for your clients and my favorite part; a super diverse range of hotel offerings between Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Tulum, Cozumel, Isla Mujeres, etc. This my friend makes Playa del Carmen a no brainer for an agent selling or looking to specialize in beach destinations or romance travel.

6. Training/Experiences: Personally, I have always had a good experience with the lineup of speakers. There is something for everyone, both new and seasoned professionals that are willing to listen to different approaches and to an ever-changing industry. As a smart business owner, don’t expect to transform your business with an hour-long presentation because it won’t happen but do expect to get a ton of juicy nuggets of knowledge and new ways of doing business. LM has the unique combination of training for Travel Agents and Wedding Planners alike.

7. Partnership Growth: As I mentioned above, partnering with the top hotels, tour operators and local providers is an amazing opportunity but don’t underestimate the opportunity to meet and develop a genuine relationship with your peers and/or “competitors”. Not all planners or travel agents operate the same and you may just score the perfect match for a mutually beneficial referral partnership.

8. Global Exposure: After 10 wonderful years of exploring everything Mexico has to offer, this year there is a fresh component “Love Mexico & Beyond”. Who knows where they might surprise us with next year but for this edition I am looking forward to learning and connecting with wonderful people from sexy destinations beyond the US and Canadian Market. 

9. Marketing: It’s all about perspective. Whether you are networking, learning to share with your clients or come back home to blog, you are marketing your brand, you are exposing yourself to vendors, speakers and potential partners which leads me to the last point… 

10. Engagement and Wave Season Fuel for Social Media: This my friend, is the top reason for me to clear up my calendar for this conference year-after-year. If you are already selling destination weddings/romance travel or you are looking to specialize in this profitable niche I challenge you to think about this: Where else can you experience 10+ real wedding gazebos decked out, the latest trends on centerpieces for reception tables and conduct site inspections of the newest hotels in a destination? And if you have not yet attended Love Mexico & Beyond, by experiencing it I don’t mean just seeing it, I mean actually being a “guest” at these wonderful displays where you can take the picture of the gazebos, sit down at a gorgeous beach wedding reception tables and smell the ocean, see the fireworks, taste the margaritas, indulge in the amazing cuisine, listen to the plethora of entertainment options and dance the night away with new friends. Can you see how sharing this experience with your clients and followers on Social Media can make a huge impact in your future business success? I know for me, it changed the game.

Yes amigo, you can truly experience the splendor of Mexico and destination weddings in the five basic human senses and that to me, makes #LoveMexicoX2018 a smart investment in your business in 2018.

P.S: Did you download your Destination Wedding Playbook yet? destinationweddingplaybook.com This checklist makes a wonderful addition to support the knowledge you will gather at #LoveMexicoX2018.

See you in Riviera Maya my friend!

Will Medina
Destination Weddings Expert.



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