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Our Love Mexico 2016 edition will take place in beautiful beach town of Puerto Vallarta is located within Banderas Bay on Mexico’s Pacific Coast in the state of Jalisco - home of Mariachi, Tequila and Charrería (horsemanship). Famed for preserving its authentic Mexican traditions, Puerto Vallarta stands proud as a typical Mexican town flanked spectacularly between the verdant mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental and 42 miles of golden beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Its topography is diverse, including tropical forests, rivers, steep inclines, mangrove marshes and green plains. Each area boasts a particular uniqueness that adds to the charm which makes Puerto Vallarta among the top tourist regions in Mexico. We are totally excited for haaving the most Romantic beach town in Mexico as our program backdrop for this year´s unbelievable agenda.


Puerto Vallarta is composed of the following areas: Marina Vallarta, Hotel Zone, Downtown Vallarta (Romantic Zone) and the Magical South.





Because of our location on the west coast of Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has an average temperature of 25ºC with a warm and humid climate during summer and autumn; and a dry climate during winter and spring, enjoying over 300 sunny days a year. The region offers visitors a majestic natural setting filled with beaches, rivers, waterfalls, lagoons and mangroves.

As one of the top tourist destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta has a wide range of first class hotels that offer business services as well as a Convention Center of international proportions. Being able to meet an extensive range of requirements for groups and conferences, there is no better place for your event than Puerto Vallarta.

If you are looking for the perfect location for a conference, convention or business meeting, sun, sand and ocean are just the beginning of creating the ideal atmosphere for the success of your event. History, culture, art, cuisine, traditions and the warmth of Puerto Vallarta’s people are all contributing factors.

Those who visit Puerto Vallarta, immediately fall in love with its wide variety of activities, places to visit, DMC professional services, exciting tours for small or large groups, first class spas, professional golf courses, 24 hour entertainment, a quaint downtown full of rich traditions and culture, friendly people and an enviable number of art galleries as well as award-winning restaurants offering every type of cuisine that make Puerto Vallarta the top beach destination in Mexico for gastronomy.

Puerto Vallarta has increased in popularity among event organizers because of its accessibility, proximity, excellent climate and convenient infrastructure for events.



Puerto Vallarta International Airport

Located 7.5 miles from Puerto Vallarta’s historic Downtown. It has 2 terminals; the main terminal is dedicated to commercial aviation, while the second to FBO.
Runway: 3,100 x 45 Mts. / Description: 04-22
Height: 7 Mts. asl / 23 ft (m)
Coordinates: 20 ° 40'48 "N - 105 ° 15'15" W
Top Length: 3,100 m / 10,171 ft
Material: Asphalt

Integral Port Terminal Puerto Vallarta (API):

Built in 1968, API has a capacity to receive vessels of over 70 Gross Register Tonnage (GRT) and about 2,500 passengers. It offers more than 10,000 m2 of green areas that make it unique in the country.

Port capacity is three berths that can cater simultaneously an equal number of cruise liners and two positions for both anchoring and docking with tenders for boarding and disembarking passengers. It also has an additional marina called Los Peines for docking other kinds of boats such as those used for sport fishing.

Pier 1, 2 and 3 where the cruise ships dock are available for an overall basin of 143,000 m², including a ciaboga dock. It has a navigation channel of 250 m long by 150 m and is 12 to 14m deep. It also has an elliptical ciaboga dock with a maximum axis of 400m.



The official language of Puerto Vallarta is Spanish, however a large percentage of the population also speak English. On request it is possible to enjoy the services of translators, agents and expert guides in other languages such as French, German, Portuguese, among many others.



Exchange Rate

The official currency is the Mexican Peso, though other denominations are accepted by most local businesses (USD, CAN, Euro, etc.). The exchange rate varies according to those published by the Mexican Federation Official Journal.




Like most countries in the Americas, including the USA and Canada, Mexico operates on 110 volt electricity.




About 225,000 inhabitants.




As one of the most important destinations in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta offers more than 22,000 hotel rooms across its different sectors; from family hotels, business hotels and even hotel specialists in romance, including different categories such as boutique hotels, traditional, large chain Resorts, EP, AP, all inclusive; from 2 stars to high end luxury tourism.


Art and Culture

Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings have extensive traditions and a rich history. Boasting a long list of art galleries as well as the essence and customs of the Wirrarika culture, and followed by the charra rooted traditions; it belongs to the state which is the birthplace of Mariachi and home to the most important region for the production of Tequila in the country. There are hundreds of cultural activities to enjoy for inspiring and unforgettable experiences - an encounter with the real essence of Mexico. The Malecon boardwalk and the historic center are a must for any visitors to Puerto Vallarta, which are like vibrant and dynamic open air galleries.



Puerto Vallarta deserves its prime position as the top beach destination for quality and variety of cuisine as well as ranking second only to Mexico City on a national scale. Its wide variety of restaurants and bars are inspired by the culinary traditions of the country, which, it is worth mentioning here, are included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Similarly, the state of Jalisco is the largest producer of tequila, raicilla, sugar cane and milk products. Puerto Vallarta’s cuisine also thrives on the high quality agricultural and fishery production in the region; Banderas Bay being one of the largest biodiversities in the world.


Tours, Activities, Nightlife

Go shopping, take a hike through the Sierra Madre, go diving, snorkeling, horseback riding or rent ATVs, enjoy a visit to the zoo or botanical garden, canopy zip line tours, swimming with dolphins, whale watching or bird watching, rent motorized water sport equipment, enjoy sunset on a sailboat, take a few rounds at several of our golf courses, bask in world-class spas focused on wellness, relaxation and health; take a quiet walk along one of our many certified beaches or a stroll along the boardwalk at sunset ... All or only some of these charming activities will make you fall in love with Puerto Vallarta. Guaranteed!

When night falls and the stars emerge, the action begins in the many bars, nightclubs, casinos, clubs and classy night-time entertainment venues. There are many options for every taste and preference. The nightlife is vibrant and constant, with different live events taking place at Los Arcos on the Malecon where travelers can stop being a spectator and become the star for the night.


Water Quality

Puerto Vallarta is a place surrounded by rivers, streams, mangroves and waterfalls. Hotels and restaurants offer purified water. The water network of Puerto Vallarta has been certified for its purity and quality consecutively year after year for more than two decades.


Convention & Visitors Bureau of Puerto Vallarta:


The aim of our CVB is to strengthen touristic activities by directing efforts toward the direct promotion and organization of events, conferences, conventions and other large scale events. Our professional team is at your service to help plan your event, arranging the necessary governmental procedures or requirements of private entities in different sectors to ensure your event is a success. They offer a professional team who are both experts in Puerto Vallarta as well as organizing MICE events.