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Kitzia Morales



Minty Castilla



Ed Cotton



About IADWP & MeWed


Since January 2017 MeWed has upgraded to IADWP, the International Association of Destination Wedding Professionals, started by the MeWed Founders and Co-Founded by Edward F. Cotton, Founder of DestinationWeddings.com.


MeWed, founded in 2008 by Araminta Castilla de Arrigunaga and Kitzia Morales Torres, was built with the purpose of creating a networking platform focused on closing business transactions and the specialization of travel professionals and wedding and event planners. MeWed was a pioneer in organizing congresses and conventions for the destination romance industry. We organize events and business for romance tourism on a global level. With ample experience, we recreate this formula on a national and international level every year.


MeWed is supported by the Promotional Council for Mexican tourism. To date, MeWed is the leader in marketing, training, and the best business platform for professionals interested in destination weddings in North America and Latin America. We are responsible, honest, trustworthy, and each one of our events is distinguished by the high-quality content of the educational programs as well the services, products, and destinations presented in the commercial area. Customer service is our number one objective, and providing an exemplary experience for our clients is top priority.


MeWed has been responsible for creating valuable market studies such as:

     - Diagnosing the supply of the wedding industry in 13 Mexican destinations specifically for the Mexican Tourism Promotion and Assessment Councilil
     - Proposal for the development of wedding tourism 2014-2018 for the state government of Guanajuato

In 2012, Love Mexico was recognized with DESTI AWARD as the best event in the industry by www.destinationweddings.com


Our Events:

Congreso ABC Latinoamericano de Bodas y Eventos Especiales

This event was launched in Playa del Carmen with the purpose of training and updating Latin American professionals in the wedding and special events industry.


Directed Towards: Wedding Planners, Travel Agents, and Romance Industry Professionals

Objective of the Event: To promote the creation of an updated and trained community of professionals, involved in the wedding and special events industry, and encourage these professionals to become more prepared to sell and increase their profit.

The Event: Consists of an educational program focused on continuing education, a commercial area to facilitate business meetings, and interactive social events that work to solidify contacts and promote the host destination


Love Mexico

This event was launched in New York City to bring together supply and demand in the romance segment and to generate business and attract romance tourism to Mexico.


Directed Towards: Wedding Planners and Travel Agents specializing in Romance.


Object of the Event: To increase the volume of business in Mexico, and other international destinations, generated by romance tourism.


The Event: A specialized educational program focused on Mexico and how to promote the destination to future clients with a commercial tradeshow including prescheduled appointments, and interactive social events to promote networking.





David Schilling



David was born in Switzerland, but has resided in Merida, Yucatan for several years. He has a beautiful Yucatecan wife and one son, who is the light of their lives. David has years of experience in different hotels and resorts in Latinamerica, Europe, and Asia. He is highly driven and focused with an unmatched work ethic. David is market and consumer focused and is always there whenever anyone needs him. As a team leader, he readily offers his support, guidance, and vision to each member of the IADWP family with a smile.




Mónica López Macari

Office Manager


Monica is our Office Manager. She is a hard-working, dedicated mother of three and a key team member. Monica works together with the founders, CEO, and accountant. She enjoys helping others and performs every task with the best attitude.




Katy McEachern

International Customer Service Manager


Katy is a hard-working, dedicated team member. She handles international clients and exhibitors, and works to ensure their needs and goals are met. No detail is too small, and no task is too big! She prides herself on being able to learn fast, listen well, and work efficiently. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she has lived in Merida, Yucatan for the last six years with her husband, Juan. Katy hopes to bring her creativity and a big smile to each person she works with.




Azalia Pech

National Customer Service Manager


Azalia takes care of the national exhibitors for IADWP events. She supervises every detail, tracking client’s individual needs, and ensuring that everyone receives the upmost attention. Azalia is an essential part of the IADWP team and has the skills and positive energy to accomplish any task thrown her way.




Gustavo Martin


Gustavo is the person who takes care of the attendees for the Congreso as well as the speakers in attendance. With amazing people skills Gustavo, proactively ensures everyone is taken care of and ready to enjoy their participation at the IADWP events. He is a PR specialist, and has a master in communications. He is a positive person with strong communications skills and attention to detail. He is of great help to everyone and performs every task with the best attitude.




Mario Benítez



Mario is a critically important part of the IADWP Team. He takes care of the numbers in detail and some of the legal aspects of our industry. Most of the time he works from behind the scenes, but his work is always present in the results of IADWP’s success!




Pilar de Alva



Pilar is originally from Mexico City, and has now been living in Merida for more than 6 years. She is in charge of marketing, a key piece in any company. "Marketing is not only advertising, it is essential to generate the sense of need."